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Can bed bug bites be mistaken for pimples or acne?

Yes they can be easily mistaken for acne or pimples considering the markings that they leave bear a resemblance to the bites caused by bed bugs after they bite you. Bed bugs typically do not bite the face but rather the lower body parts such as arms, feet, legs, and the neck area. Although rare it is certainly not unheard of as bed bugs tend to feed of their host on exposed parts of skin during the night when the human is asleep.

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“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a commonly used expression when bidding someone goodnight. These insects are so minuscule, tinier than apple seeds and their bodies are flat! This makes it harder to notice if they have already invaded your house and they usually hide almost anywhere in the house. After invading the house, they can find shelter in your mattresses, furniture or electric outlets. They tend to stay near beds and seats to be closer to their food source,  as entomologists report that they feed on humans’ and other mammals blood, including household pets. 

Yes, bed bugs can, and they often, bite their hosts when they are asleep since they are most active during the night. They normally bite the neck, hands and face area as these places are the commonly exposed areas when sleeping. Their bites are, however, not always noticed. This is because when they bite their victims, they inject an anesthetic substance that allows them to feed without being interrupted for up to ten minutes.How can one know if they have been bitten by a bed bug? The bite’s symptoms are redness, swelling and itchiness on the place bitten. Although they haven’t been found to spread infectious diseases like other insects as mosquitoes do, some people may suffer emotionally from these bites. 

Also, bed bug victims may experience insomnia, suffer shame, and even go through “phantom bites” long after the pesky bugs have been removed by pest control experts. About a third of people do not experience any reaction to bed bug bites. For those that do, the bite appears as a swollen red bump, dark red at the center. Bed bug bites also appear in clusters or definite patterns, unlike mosquito bites which are random and all over the body. Bed bugs attack exposed areas including the hands, legs, arms and face. The bugs excrete a numbing agent while feeding which is why most people don’t feel the bite. Bed bug bites usually resolve on their own within a week or two although there are treatment options for bed bug bites including.