Will leaving a light on prevent cockroaches?

Will leaving a light on prevent cockroaches?


Roaches invade our homes in search of food, shelter, and water. They’re known to carry bacteria that can lead to allergies, food poisoning and skin rashes. Once they’ve infested an area, they can quickly multiply, posing a threat to health and comfort. There are certain areas in your property you’re likely to find cockroaches and so it’s important to call a professional exterminator in Hamilton as soon as possible.

We all know cockroaches love the dark. You’ll rarely see them roaming around your kitchen during the day. Dark areas such as cupboards, closets, and cabinets are roaches’ hiding spots of choice. They also seem to enjoy being around water since they can’t survive without water for more than seven days. Areas where your pipes get into your premises, through walls, back of cabinets and floors, are often sources of warm condensed water and dampness for roaches to enjoy. Exposed pipes are also ideal hiding places, as are dryers and washers. Therefore leaving the lights on might be a temporary solution that can be as effective as out of sight out of mind while they scurry back to their dark comfortable hiding spot until you leave.


Cockroaches love comfortable environments with just the right amount of firmness, warmth, and softness. When they get into your premises, they look for cracks and crevices inside furniture, boxes and paper bags in search of a comfortable environment for breeding.

Some cockroach varieties are attracted to paper because of their texture and smell. They will also find beverage boxes, stacks of cardboard to be ideal places to hide, eat and leave their eggs, which are ready to hatch in weeks.

Cockroaches also spend considerable time in on on our appliances. Such as refrigerators, entertainment systems, stoves, coffee makers, blenders, and microwaves, whatever you own will belong to your roaches as well. These devices often have warm, running motors that are a safe hideout from the day’s sunlight and perfect for finding provisions at night. Water heaters are a roach’s paradise as they provide a combination of both water and warmth, usually away from people.

Roaches for one seem to be attracted to kitchens and bathrooms for very obvious reasons, they love moisture. Kitchens: because of the abundance of moisture and food. Bathrooms are abundant with residues from soaps, skin and hairs and discarded tissue papers, all of which are loved by these insects..

Getting rid of all cockroaches from your property is a task best handled by pest control professionals. It is only a professional pest control expert that can truly resolve the problem. The professional licensed exterminator knows the type of environments around your premises where cockroaches like hiding. They know exactly where to look and have the knowledge you may not be aware of. Seeing one cockroach might not be a pleasant sight thus remember for each cockroach seen there are dozens in hiding.