Why to Call a Professional Pest Control Company to Deal with Rats

Why to Call a Professional Pest Control Company to Deal with Rats

Rats represent one of the most dangerous pest infestations within the world, not just Canada. These rodents are vectors for disease and increasingly unsanitary living spaces. From the plague to leptospirosis, rats pose serious threats to human health and eradication methods need to be handled with the utmost of precautions. Attempting to treat rats on your own is prone to potential failure and possible contraction of a rodent-related sickness, therefore, hiring a pest control Hamilton professional is the best scenario.

Rats have specialized behaviors that allow them to hide from detection in places within the home that are hard to access for residents, such as behind walls, underneath plumbing outfits, and even underneath the home with tunnels allowing them to enter the home at will. Baits and poisons are first and foremost, dangerous to leave lying around, especially if pets and small children are present within the dwelling.  It takes extremely concentrated and scientifically minded procedures to eliminate a rat infestation.

The main problem that comes with trying to eliminate rats is the inefficiency of some of the most popular baits and poisons available to use against them. Unlike insects, rats are semi-intelligent creatures for their size. These rodents frequently become accustomed and attuned to popular methods used to destroy them, which means you could feasibly be waiting months for any traps or baits to work properly. In the meantime, the size of the rat colony will keep multiplying making your home a rat haven.

Popular anticoagulant products used to treat rats have a very small window of efficiency in rat mortality. These products take a long period of time to kill rats due to the chemicals poisoning of the rats system over days and even weeks. Additionally, all of the rats within a home would have to ingest the bait to ensure that each and every one of them was poisoned. More potent poisons such as strychnine pose more of a risk to the surrounding environment than the notion that a rat will actually ingest such a potent poison.

Professional pest control companies have a number of tools within their arsenal to eliminate rats completely from a home. Rats are becoming an increasing problem in nearly all Canadian provinces, which means pest control technicians are frequently testing and adapting new methodologies to add to their arsenal to meet the increasing rodent populations. With a pest control service, elimination is guaranteed, whereas home remedies and over-the-counter products come with no such guarantees.

Rats are an incredibly complex and intuitive pest species that evolves regularly to avoid common control measures weaponized against them. It can be a minefield of disappointment and wasted resources to attempt to take on a rat infestation on your own. Pest control professionals are available to diagnose the severity of the problem and then formulate a plan to eradicate every rat within a dwelling. Do not procrastinate. Consult a pest control professional for rat elimination immediately.