Where do Squirrels go in the Winter

Where do Squirrels Go in the Winter?

Squirrels are silly creatures, famous for burying nuts and causing trouble. They’re common all over the world. But where do they go in the winter? Like many other animals, squirrels don’t go anywhere. They have small territories and prefer to stay there for the entirety of their lives. In the winter, they simply take it easy. They stay in their nests when the weather is very cold and might sleep for a few days at a time. This is only a problem when squirrels choose to nest indoors. Call Exterminator Hamilton if that is the case. We offer humane squirrel removal: 647-560-0354.

Squirrels are active all year long. They do not hibernate. In the fall, they eat lots of food in anticipation of the cold weather, storing body fat to give them energy and keep them warm. They also build nests in tree branches and hollow tree trunks. When it gets really cold, squirrels will share their nests with others. Together, they cuddle up for warmth. Though they do not hibernate, squirrels are usually much less active during these periods. There is less food to go around, and they feel warmer in their nests. By spring, they are out and about and ready to mate.

Squirrels in Attics

Squirrels sometimes nest in attics for the winter. They do this by chewing their way through soffits and vulnerable areas on the roof, like plastic vents. Once indoors, you might hear them chewing and rolling scurrying around during the early hours of the morning or at sunset. Over time, squirrel nests cause foul odours and stains in the ceiling. Letting these animals nest in the attic may also result in power outages or fires as they like to chew on electric cables. It’s important that you have squirrels removed as soon as you suspect that they are living in the attic.

The safest and most reliable way to get rid of squirrels in the attic is hire to a professional for help. A technician can inspect your property and find exactly where they squirrel is coming from, then remove it with a one-way door. Like an open-ended trap, the one-way door lets the squirrel out on its own, but it won’t be able to come back inside. For permanent results, the technician can seal and cover every other possible entry point as well. Many companies offer warranties with this service. Once the squirrel is out, the technician will replace the door with mesh.

Contact Exterminator Hamilton for squirrel removal services you can count on. Our technicians are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of squirrel problems. No matter the situation, we have got you covered. We offer humane removal and exclusion, so no one gets hurt. If there’s a mess, we can help with that, too. We offer high quality cleaning and disinfection services. Call us for an inspection today. Our technicians are ready to get started.