Do carpenter ants create many nests

When are Carpenter Ants Most Active?

Carpenter ants are one of the most ubiquitous species of ants in Canada. They are not so much a pest based upon any harm they inflict, but more based upon the damage they can cause to the wood inside of a home. This ant species can be found virtually anywhere within the country, but problems typically arise in heavily populated areas such as British Columbia and Ontario. Although these ants have been known to forage and excavate structures for their colonies during the day, they are most active at night based upon their nocturnal behaviours. We offer professional pest control Hamilton services, call us to book an inspection.

The carpenter ant is likely a nocturnal species due to their need to be undisturbed during their intense process of foraging through the wood. Worker carpenter ants will usually exit the colony right before sundown and rapidly forage until sunrise, where they will then retreat back to their nest until the following evening. In terms of seasonal activity, this is dependent upon a few different factors. Carpenter ants that reside outdoors will typically only be active during spring and summer, where they will typically go dormant during the late fall and winter seasons.

Carpenter ants that have made their colonies inside of homes or other structures ascribe to no set seasonal timetable and will typically remain active from January to December. This is due to the ambient temperatures indoors being much less harsh than the temperatures the ants would face outdoors. Even if the ants are indoors, they will still maintain the dusk till dawn work schedule. During certain circumstances, carpenter ants may even choose to forage during the daylight hours, especially if they are constructing a satellite colony.

This ant species is highly destructive to wood and indoor insulation. No matter where you may live in Hamilton, inspections by our ant extermination professional is always a good idea to ensure that your home does not become infested by carpenter ants. Consultations are a great way to have all of the particular carpenter ant harborage areas thoroughly inspected to diagnose if they are present or not. Professionals have tools at their arsenal to inspect popular carpenter ant structures to tell if ants are present, even during the day when ant activity is mostly dormant.

Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal; however, the ants have been seen to forage during the daylight hours when their workload is large. The ants are mostly dormant during the winter months, unless the ants are indoors, where the activity is present throughout the entire year.