What does it mean if you see a baby cockroach

What does it mean if you see a baby cockroach?

Seeing small roaches in your home might leave an uneasy feeling like seeing any type of cockroach would big or small. Seeing tiny cockroaches is usually an indication of a roach infestation taking place in your home, that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible by contacting a professional pest control service based in Hamilton. Having small roaches in your house equals a colony. If this is ignored the growth can very much at a very fast rate spiral out of control.  Small cockroaches are baby cockroaches, and they are a bit smaller in size compared to their larger darker brown adult counterparts and lighter in color. After hatching, they are feeble and grey or white. However, these can vary depending on the species. The main difference between adult and baby cockroaches is that the baby cockroaches do not have wings. The juvenile cockroaches are very small in size and it might you might be having a hard time spotting them considering they prefer to stay close to their nesting or breeding area tucked away in a dark warm area of your house hidden away from human presence or disturbance.

Normally the baby cockroaches grow through stages of molting, which is the process where they shed their outer shell to expand. They will typically do this about seven times before they become full-grown adults. The female adult cockroaches will release pheromones that attract male cockroaches, and after they mate, the female will produce an egg sac that is known as ootheca. These egg sacs have the capability of producing up to six baby cockroaches at a rate of one or two egg sacs in a week. Cockroaches live up to eighteen months, and during this time, they can produce hundreds of offspring. Keep your home clean and clutter-free. Just like keeping off any other pest, cleaning your home regularly will deter cockroaches, but cannot be guaranteed as your house might give cockroaches the perfect conditions and their offspring to thrive. Cockroaches are interested in food and water sources; it is for this reason never to leave cooked or for that matter raw uncooked out in the open for a considerable amount of time. Food, water, and shelters make for the cockroaches’ biggest drivers in their search for a new home and place to scour for food and mate. Therefore it is recommended to contact a professional pest control service as soon as possible before the issue gets out of hand.