What do Mouse Droppings Look Like

What do Mouse Droppings Look Like?

Did you know that a house mouse produces somewhere between 40 and 100 droppings per day? Mice are constantly pooping, everywhere they go. They have voracious appetites in which they consume about a third of their weight on a daily basis, which results in lots and lots of poop. Mouse droppings are often the first sign of an infestation. They leave trails that point to food sources and hiding spots. If you believe that you have found mouse droppings in your home, give us a call. A technician will be there soon for an inspection and mouse control program.

Mouse droppings look a lot like dark grains of rice. They are narrow, with tapered or stringy ends. Typically, they are 6mm long. Fresh mouse droppings are black and shiny. If you can crush one, it will smear. Older droppings, however, will have dried and become hard. Droppings also get paler over time. Since mice leave droppings behind them, everywhere they go, droppings are most commonly found along baseboards and in areas where the mice can find food, such as kitchen cabinets. Note the frequency in which you find droppings and whether they are fresh or not.

Do not touch, sweep, or vacuum droppings because they may contain the hantavirus. The hantavirus is a dangerous illness that can be inhaled when droppings are disturbed. Spray droppings with disinfectant, then remove them with a paper towel. Put droppings and other contaminated items into sealed plastic bags before throwing them out. The same goes for finding dead mice or nests. Always use caution when cleaning or handling contaminated objects. Wear disposable gloves and a mask while you clean, then throw everything out when you are done. Mop the area with disinfectant or a bleach solution to get rid of all lingering germs.

Other Signs of Mice

Droppings are not always the only sign of an infestation. In many cases, one can hear mice chewing in the walls at night. This sounds like a repetitive scratching sound. Pets might also get excited and look like they are hunting. Mice like to follow the same paths every night, which, over time, may leave greasy marks on the bottoms of walls and on the edges of cabinets. Rubbing their bodies on the same surfaces over and over leaves marks. Finally, you might see a mouse in the flesh. Mice are usually grey or brown, with pointed snouts, rounded ears, and beady black eyes. Deer mice have distinctly white bellies.

Hire a Professional for Mouse Control

The most effective way to get rid of mice is to hire a professional. Licensed technicians perform inspections that get to the bottom of most pest problems. They can find where the mice are getting into the house and address the issue, so they stop coming. At Exterminator Hamilton, we take pride in our permanent solutions. Our exclusion is guaranteed and comes with a warranty of up to 2 years. If you’ve got a mouse problem, we can help. We provide safe and affordable mouse control solutions in the GTA.