What Attracts Mice in Your House?

What Attracts Mice in Your House?

Mice are mammals, which means they need adequate shelter to ensure their survival, particularly during harsh Canadian winters. Safe harbour and habitation are crucially important to mice and they will go to great lengths to find it and maintain it. Unfortunately, residential homes are becoming the main choice of lodging for mice. In addition to habitat, mice are always on the lookout for food and water, which is easily accessible within homes due to the skilled hiding abilities of mice. Call our professional mouse control Hamilton services for fast and reliable solutions.

Most attractants typically start with a residential yard. Mice are attracted to virtually any kind of food source that is typically a component of a yard. This includes bird feed, dog and cat food, garbage in trash cans, as well as an easily accessible collection of water throughout the yard. This issue is further compounded by homes that are frequently untidy. Food residue that sticks to floors and patios is an open invitation to nearby mice. Once a scent is picked up, the mice will find ways to enter into a home to take advantage of this easily accessible nourishment. Mice also like homes that are cluttered and rarely cleaned as this allows them to feel right at home and easily hide and escape amongst the clutter.

Water is also just as attractive as food. Mice need clean water to survive, therefore it is essential to empty all outside water bowls for your pets and bird feeders at dusk. Another attractant for mice is simply easy access to a home. Cracks and crevices around the exterior of the home make it simple for mice to find ways to excavate themselves to the inside. Attics and crawl spaces are two of the most problematic areas of a home since these spaces allow easy access to the outside world.

Since it is very difficult to completely keep mice away from your home, it may be in your best interest to hire a pest control company to install preventative measures to repel mice from your home. There are very few measures that you can take to completely keep mice away, but professionals possess a wide arsenal of scientifically tested repellants to avert mice from entryways into your home. It is better to have mice roaming around outside than inside of your home.

Pest control professionals can utilize many different methods to keep mice away. Some measures can be as simple as installing motion detectors to the full implementation of chemical barriers around a home to make any entry point unattractive to roaming mice. Recent measures by professionals have focused on the usage of light to deter the mostly nocturnal mice from taking a risk to enter a home. Still, there are many highly effective measures that Hamilton pest control professionals can utilize if certain measures fail to continue working.

Mice are fickle and skilled creatures, and there are no concrete sets of behaviours that can be applied to certainties with what will attract mice and what won’t.