How to tell if you have poison ivy or bug bites

How to tell if you have poison ivy or bug bites?

Knowing the difference whether you have been affected by poison ivy or bug bites can help you determine the method of treating the two distinctive issues which can affect your skin in the long or short-term. A clear indicator of bug bites is that they usually occur on exposed skin and they usually happen at night time and get noticed in the morning as insects like bed bugs like to feast on human blood at night. Bugs are very cautious when sucking blood and will choose an area closest to an exit point if necessary.  

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According to personal experience for some people answer on Quora  “ You will not feel the bugs moving on your body and you will never feel the bite because they are so small and very delicate at what they do. (Adults are similar-looking to apple seeds). The bite marks will appear in any of the areas mentioned above and will be small, pinkish-red marks (not spots or scars, but more like faint blotches). They usually don’t cause irritation and are considered to be nothing more than a cringe-worthy annoyance. Sleeping elsewhere in the property won’t deter them because they will actively seek their source of food even if it means traveling many rooms or floors away. Bed bugs detect the co2 we exhale and are able to detect it from long distances. If you don’t see obvious evidence of the infestation (such as individual bugs wandering about even in the daylight) there is a good chance the population of bugs is small. If you see the bugs moving about you will have a problem..” (Quora).

There are usually some clues to look for when talking about the differences taken into consideration that we are highlighting bed bugs here, but can generally be applied as a broad indicator: 

For bed bugs bites, these areas are raised distinctive bumps. For poison ivy, there are no individual bitten bumps. When talking about insect bites the number of bites depends on the severity of an infestation. You find them on the largest areas of the skin. Bites are usually found on exposed skin while sleeping. For poison ivy, the rash is small, close-spaced, and may develop blister-like eruptions. When opened, it releases a watery liquid similar to burn blisters. bed bug bites intense itchiness; may develop lesions that can last for a few days. For poison ivy, the size of the affected area depends on the parts that are exposed to the plant’s oily allergen. It also depends on an individual’s sensitivity to the allergen. For bed bug bites infections may develop when you keep scratching the bitten area. May cause discomfort due to itching. Scratching the area may remove the epidermis and expose the skin to various infection-causing agents. Bite marks may last for a few days. It is not contagious and the rashes may last for 1 to 3 weeks.

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