How to Stop an Invasion of Roaches in my Kitchen

How to Stop an Invasion of Roaches in my Kitchen?

Roaches in Hamilton invade kitchens so effective management is paramount since they can bread and spread like wildfire! The steps apply to most buildings and infestations.

Inspection: inspection is necessary to gather the information that you can use to decide the best course of action. You need to find out where the roaches are hiding, what they are eating and the extent of the infestation. Cockroaches are difficult pests to eliminate and often require multiple methods of control. Inspection is the only way to decide which option(s) will be the most effective.

To manage roaches effectively and permanently hire professionals from Cockroach Control Hamilton  To minimize the impact of infestations the best way is to manage them to prevent further growth of your infestation. It is essential that you keep your living areas clean and tidy at all times as cockroaches will find their way to either a new nesting place or food in your home.

Exclusion: exclusion simply means preventing new roaches from getting into the house and restricting the movement of the existing infestation. You need to seal all possible entry points and hiding places discovered during the inspection. Seal gaps, cracks and crevices with silicon.

Sanitation: ideally, you should remove all sources of food and water that are allowing the infestation to thrive. This step not only controls the growth of the colony but also allows the pesticide to work effectively. Remove all traces of moisture, grease, dirt and food as much as possible.

Apply Pesticide: finally, apply insecticide and follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter. You may use a residual insecticide, dust insecticides, baits, growth regulators and sprays or some combination of these. Pay special attention to areas where the roaches hide and where they forage often.

Apart from the allergens that cockroaches naturally carry, there have been tests done on cockroaches to examine pathogens on their bodies. These tests have revealed that cockroaches have the capability of carrying some serious diseases. Typhoid that is caused by Salmonella Typhi has been found in cockroaches. Poliomyelitis that causes Polio has also been discovered in these insects. Cockroaches are also known to spread dysentery, a disease that is known to cause severe diarrhea and bleeding. 

These measures are just temporary during a cockroach infestation and effective management should be done by professionals from Pest Control Hamilton who are licensed technicians that have been active in their field for over a decade.