how to remove the smell of a dead rat

How to Remove the Smell of a Dead Rat?

Some problems that come with rats actually have nothing at all to do with the rats while they are alive, but rather after they are dead. If you have ever had a rat die behind a wall, you know full well how unpleasant and revolting the smell can be. Even pest control professionals in Hamilton are not always able to be 100% thorough in clearing out every rat carcass. Unlike insects, rats are mammals and possess complex internal systems that decay just like other animals once death occurs. If you come into the problem of having a dead rat in an area of your home that just isn’t accessible, there are thankfully some measures that you can take to reduce the odor until the putrefaction process is complete.

One way to remove the odor of a decomposing rat is to install odor removing bags around your home, particularly in the area where the odor is the strongest. You can also invest in some very strong candles that have a pleasant scent to try and mask the smell as much as you can. Apart from this, you can also try any odor removing remedy that is available. The real and only true way to get rid of the dead rat smell is to remove the carcass completely. The problem that comes with this is the fact that it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the rat carcass is. If you start tearing holes into the walls, you could potentially tear a hole that was completely unnecessary and is actually several feet away from the rotting carcass.

Pest control professionals are actually trained to be able to pinpoint where a dead rat smell is coming from. Although precision cannot be completely guaranteed, accuracy is usually spot-on. Once the rat carcass has been spotted and subsequently removed, you will also want to thoroughly have the area where the corpse was rotting cleaned and sanitized. Rat feces and even decaying rats can cause airborne diseases that can cause great stress upon the respiratory system. The best method to ensure something like this doesn’t happen is to pinpoint where rat holes and entry points are leading to walls to ensure that treatment procedures can be applied to these areas and the rats can be flushed out of the area behind the wall.

The smell of a dead rat is a putrid odor that nobody should have to live with. There is only so much that can be done with odor-masking items. The true way to get rid of the smell is to break down and just do what needs to be done to find the dead carcass and remove it. It can be very unpleasant to have to do this; therefore, a pest control professional can be utilized to handle this task for you. This would also be advisable since the area will need to be cleaned and sanitized as well to prevent the spread of disease.