How to get rid of wasps in the back yard

How to get rid of wasps in the back yard

Getting rid of wasps in the back yard isn’t too hard. But before you get rid of them you should think about how much they are bothering you. If they leave you alone and keep to themselves then you may not need to get rid of them. Wasps are a very beneficial insect to have around. They are like spiders, they eat other insects by paralyzing them with their prick. Because of them, your garden is free of nasty insects that want to eat your vegetables and flowers. They can also be a problem for wildlife. Chasing off raccoons and squirrels that don’t want to get stung. 

get rid of wasps in the back yard

If you suspect wasp presence anywhere near or on your property, contact wasp removal  Hamilton for quick and safe removal.

However, if you have them and you don’t want them then you will have to get rid of them. Let’s start at the beginning. Birth. Yellow Jacket wasps are ground dwellers, they dig tiny holes to find grubs, paralyze them with venom, and then lay an egg beside the grub when the larva is born it will eat the grub and grow stronger. This means that if you want to attack the wasps where they breed you need to watch for them to hover low to the ground and start landing and digging holes. That location is where they are laying their eggs and where you need to spray with insecticide. Now make sure to wear full covering clothing and be ready to run because mama wasp is gonna come for you when you spray her babies. 

Wasps are attracted to your property for many reasons, the smell of garbage attracts them because they are attracted to the smell of rotting fruit, that is where they get much of their energy. They will hover around your yard looking for fallen fruit and spilled drinks. If you eat outside a lot and don’t take care not to spill your drink then you will soon find your property infested with wasps. You can even go so far as to wash your lawn with the hose, like watering it but at a higher pressure to get rid of the sweet-smelling liquids that have been dropped on it. 

So make sure to keep your trash sealed and stored in the garage, wash out all your recyclable containers to make sure they don’t smell of rotting food, and rake up and throw away any fallen fruit if your yard has a fruit tree. You should also turn your compost to hide new food waste from insects. Keep your grass thick and high to keep burrowing wasps away.