Infestation of carpenter ants in a tree stump

How to get rid of carpenter ants near your trees

Does your home have one of those grand old trees in the front yard? A massive overhanging tree with a swing that has been part of your family home for generations. Maybe you have a few trees on your property. Maybe you are a fan of trees and consider yourself an arborist. Maybe those trees are your prized possession and since your wife left you and took the kids who hated your dumb trees anyway, literally the only thing you have left in the world. So how would you feel if those trees that you love so much got infested by carpenter ants.

It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Hamilton in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

Ants that drill through wood and can even kill your trees if the colony gets large enough. What more is when the colony reaches maturity it will produce flying ants of both genders who will likely enter your home or garage or shed to perform their breeding dance to keep them safe from predators. When the female finishes intercourse she will find the nearest piece of wood with a crack or hole and seal herself up in it to lay her eggs. Each female can start their own satellite colony and it won’t take long before your home is infested as well. So if you think you have carpenter ants in your trees you will need to act fast. There are actions that can be taken to protect your trees and evict the ants including home remedies like boric acid, cedar oil, and silica powder. These all kill carpenter and instantly and in great numbers so you can try that. The key though is to find where they stared on your property and then get rid of it, its likely an old stump or pile of fire wood you forgot about but it’s there and if you get rid of that you may have a hope to save your precious trees.