How to find hidden wasps nests and eradicate them

How to find hidden wasps nests and eradicate them

Wasps are not a joke. They are one of the worst and most dangerous infestations a homeowner can have. They are nasty and aggressive and prone to sting even without cause. They will chase your kids and pets around and if anyone is allergic to the sting they could easily die in tens of minutes after being stung. So how do you find a nest if the nest has been built in a hidden place, behind the walls or maybe in that old shed filled with garbage? They could be anywhere in your home or on your property so where do you start when you are trying to locate a wasp nest. Well, there is some good news, it is possible for someone, without commercial-grade technology to locate and even kill a hidden wasp nest. 

hidden wasps nests and eradicate them

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Ground wasps will lay their eggs in holes, they fly around and land on soft soil and dig till they find a grub or some other weak insect. They sting it and then lay an egg beside it and cover it up, when the egg hatches they can eat the grub and grow stronger. This is how ground wasps reproduce and how they also make their nests, they often don’t dig their own burrow, they find an abandoned one left by mice or some other burrowing rodent and then take it over, they build a small and spherical nest out of paper where they keep stored food and sleep. 

Wasps also love a good attic. They tend to congregate around windows as they prefer the light but they may also have gotten trapped by closed windows that were once open and start congregating there and even start building a nest. Wasps will happily build nests in your walls that are nearly impossible to access without ripping apart your actual wall. 

They also build nests in trees frequently, getting plenty of sunlight and access to insects in the bark to sting and eat or feed to their children. In mid summer when trees fill with leave it becomes very easy for wasps to build hidden nests and surprise you from the inside of the canopy. So stay away from large leafy trees unless you want to get stung. 

If you have a nest on your property or in your house you can kill it in a number of ways, an insecticide sprayed in the hole they enter through, hornet freeze to trap them inside, and you can even try water and soap with some essential oils that can suffocate and kill wasps very easily.