How to Differentiate Cockroaches

How to Differentiate Cockroaches

How to Differentiate Cockroaches

Cockroaches are universally regarded as a disgusting nuisance of a pest. Although there are some species of a cockroach who do not infest homes and businesses, all cockroaches are doomed to suffer from this reputation. There are a vast number of different types of cockroaches, but there are a few different varieties that should be easy to identify based upon their propensity to invade homes and businesses. Pest control professionals have found numerous species of cockroach over the years on common cockroach consultations, yet there is a handful that is ubiquitous within Canada. The German, American, Oriental, and brown-banded are the types most frequently found. Having the right knowledge can help immensely when dealing with different kinds of cockroaches. For this, a professional pest control service in Hamilton is the most effective way to deal with them.

German Cockroach:

This species is perhaps the most invasive within Canada. This tiny species averages between one to two centimeters in length and is characterized by its light to dark brown colour scheme. Two black bands are usually found on the top of the head. The German cockroach cannot fly; however, this species reproduces at a staggering rate and will almost always require eradication by a pest control professional.

American Cockroach:

The American cockroach is much larger than the German cockroach and can infest structures both outside and inside. This species averages about four centimeters in length and has a dark brown color scheme characterized by two oval, brown blotches on the head. This species can fly sporadically and is considered to be the fastest moving of all cockroach species. This species is more likely to infest homes when seeking shelter from cold outside temperatures.

Oriental Cockroach:

This species of cockroach is a bit odd in its taxonomy. This species is also large and appears in a length of about twenty to twenty-seven millimeters. Oriental cockroaches are considered to be some of the most elusive of all cockroach species and will hide with great precision to avoid being discovered. This species prefers dark and moist places in which to lay their eggs and will typically infest areas near plumbing in homes.

Brown-banded cockroach:

This species of cockroach is small with a length of roughly ten to fourteen millimeters. This species does not like light at all and is quite fearsome to homeowners since it requires less moisture than other species, meaning it can infest bedrooms and living rooms just as easily as kitchens or bathrooms. This species has a white and light brown color scheme characterized by a dark blackhead.

These common species of cockroach are the most problematic within Canada. The German cockroach is likely to be the most common species for homeowners and restaurant owners due to its rapid reproduction rate. Since cockroaches can be difficult to eliminate, cockroach control Hamilton professionals are necessary to integrate a powerful treatment system that destroys the bugs and prevents future infestations as much as possible. Although it may seem impossible once an infestation has taken root in your home or business, proper treatment and preventative measures going forward can keep these pests away. Maintaining a clean environment is also crucial at all times.