How do I recognize a rats nest inside of my house

How do I recognize a rats nest inside of my house?

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To find out if you have rats in your house you need to recognize the signs. Knowing the signs of a rat infestation is critical for avoiding a larger infestation. Rats often come in different ways depending on the species. The two common species are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. Rats, when they find themselves in homes, stay hidden behind furniture and other various items. It is not until rats feel comfortable and have an abundance of food and water they start making a nest. Rats are quite creative and can be quite inventive when making a home….in a home for themselves. Nests can be made up of different materials such as paper, cardboard, and plastic scraps to make a sturdy nest to stay long-term.  

Some signs you need to look out for are droppings. Droppings from a rat are slightly longer than mouse droppings. The difference is that the droppings are more elongated and have blunt edges on both sides. When you noticed droppings in and around the garage, attics, and other obscure places around the house or property. 

When you hear scratches or nibbling late at night or in the early morning, chances are that you are dealing with rodents. Look out for bite marks on several materials around the house such as paper, cardboard, and wiring. Wiring especially can be dangerous seeing that the exposed copper can cause electrocution and can even have the possibility to start short circuits and where it can even lead to house fires. Therefore having rats can do a lot of damage to your house in unimaginable ways. 

 Even when we are talking mainly about recognizing inside signs it is essential that you know how to recognize the signs of rats outside. Rats that are outside can at any given moment seek shelter inside through entry-holes that they can exploit through holes, cracks, and crevices. Rats can stay inside garages and other spaces for an indefinite time. 

Hiring professionals will get you rid of rats as soon as possible. Professional rat control services such as Exterminator Hamilton can take care of your pest problem in the span of a few weeks. Professionals are licensed and insured individuals that have years of training in helping countless families throughout the region. With the knowledge and skills they have, they can reduce the population to zero.