Home remedies and carpenter ants, do they really work

Home remedies and carpenter ants, do they really work

Carpenter ants are the single most destructive ant that exists in the North Americas. When they make their nests outdoors they are not much of a threat. They build in stumps and trees and piles of wood and even old wooden sheds. But when they are in your home, say you bring in some of that fire wood infested with carpenter ants into your home to dry off, or maybe you are building a table outside and unbeknownst to you, it’s now infested with carpenter ants and by bringing it into your home you have inadvertently cause an infestation.

It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Hamilton in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

But that is not the only way ants can get into your homes. When colonies break off they give birth to flying ants of both genders and these ants must perform a mating dance somewhere safe where they won’t get eaten by birds. This is often inside somewhere, like your old wooden shed, but they may find their way into your home and start a satellite colony in your walls or furniture.

If you don’t want to pay for a professional exterminator there are a few home remedies you can try. The question is, why use repellents at all when there is perfectly good poison at the grocery store. Because that poison is actually very toxic and dangerous to small children and pets. So most people when trying to get rid of an infestation of carpenter ants alone will opt for something more natural.

Diatomaceous Earth is a silica powder made from algae that has been dried out. It is incredibly sharp, but not to humans. To humans it is a plain powder that can be spray or dripped into ant holes. This will rip their carapace and kill them instantly. It is widely considered the best option for all insect removal. 

Boric acid can be used to kill carpenter ants as well, sweeten the acid powder with sugar to trick the ants into eating it and they will die instantly. Cedarwood oil is also effective, put drops or spray it around ant holes in your home and the carpenter ants will suffocate from the powerful smell.