Do Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter

Do Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter?

Squirrels are silly, rambunctious animals that are everywhere in Canada. Every day, they can be seen running from one tree to the next, looking for food and causing trouble. Tree squirrels are highly adaptable animals that do well in populated areas. They make the most of the foods we grow and the shelters we provide them. Though mostly harmless outdoors, squirrels are a big problem in the house. If you suspect that there are squirrels living in your home, give us a call. We offer permanent, humane squirrel removal services in Hamilton.

Squirrels do not hibernate, but they are less active in the wintertime. There is simply less food to go around in the winter, so there is less to do. To withstand the cold, they sleep in nests made of leaves and twigs. Squirrels build these nests in canopies and tree hollows. When the weather is particularly cold, they might share their nests with other squirrels. For more even more warmth, squirrels put on as much weight as they can in the fall, which provides them with an insulating layer of fat. They also bury thousands of nuts into the ground for when food is scarce.

Do Squirrels Nest in Homes?

Squirrels are no strangers to human homes. In some cases, they will nest in chimneys and attics. To squirrels, these structures are like hollow trees. They can tell that the attic is warm and safe from predators. To get inside, they find openings and weaknesses that they can chew through. Plastic roof vents, gaps in the drip line, plumbing mats, and intersections where the roof meets the soffits are vulnerable to squirrels. They can chew through practically anything. Once in the attic, they cause a ton of damage. Squirrels usually make a lot of noise during the day, then damage the attic with feces, urine, and rainwater.

If you want to keep squirrels out of your attic this winter, start by removing food sources around the yard. Put the bird feeder away and harvest everything you grow. Don’t let anything rot on the ground, like fallen apples. Since squirrels like to make use of gaps and holes in the roof, make sure that the roof is in good repair. Contact a licensed wildlife technician and ask them to cover roof vents with a squirrel-proof mesh. A technician can also confirm if there are squirrels in your roof, then get rid of them safely with a one-way door.

Don’t let squirrels spend the winter in your home. Contact us today for an inspection. Our team of technicians are thoroughly experienced in handling all kinds of squirrel problems. We can remove squirrels safely and ensure that they don’t come back by sealing and covering all potential entry points. We only use humane removal methods and materials that last for many years to come. Our exclusion services are guaranteed and come with a warranty of up to 2 years. Call us today if you have any questions.