Infestation of carpenter ants in a tree stump

Do I Have Carpenter Ants or Argentine Ants?

Argentine ants and carpenter ants are two types of ants that are common pests here in Canada yet are also two ant species that frequently get mixed up. It is important to remember that yes, both of these species do invade homes and cause pest problems; however, carpenter ants are only interested in infesting damp wood to build their colonies in and argentine ants have more common ant goals which are to hunt for food and moisture sources. Knowing the characteristics of each ant will go a long way in trying to differentiate between the two. Hiring a professional exterminator service in Hamilton can deal with this issue using exeperience and specialized knowledge when working with ants.  Carpenter ants typically have a black to reddish color scheme and can grow upwards of 3cm in length. This ant species is highly destructive to wood and indoor insulation. No matter where you may live in Canada, inspections by a pest control professional are always a good idea to ensure that your home does not become infested by carpenter ants.

Consultations are a great way to have all of the particular carpenter ant harborage areas thoroughly inspected to diagnose if they are present or not. Professionals have tools at their arsenal to inspect popular carpenter ant structures to tell if ants are present, even during the day when ant activity is mostly dormant. The ants are frequently seen inside of homes when they are on the move foraging for damp wood structures. Since it can be hard to differentiate carpenter ants from nearly identical argentine ants, you will want to know what the warning signs to look out for are. Any noticeable holes around wood structures are a sign of possible carpenter ants, as is the presence of a sawdust-like material known as frass. It can become confusing however, since both termites and carpenter ants possess both of these traits. Carpenter ants are likely to be seen much more than actually seeing termites, since termites both live inside of and eat the wood, they are present in.

Argentine ants look very similar to carpenter ants, which is likely what causes a great deal of the confusion. They are smaller in size though, and their behaviors do not align with carpenter ants at all. Argentine ants will typically be found in kitchens and living areas on the hunt for food and sugary substances. Whereas carpenter ants are quite difficult to remove from a home, argentine ants can typically be cleared by pest control professionals in as little as one visit. These ants are simply looking for food, not necessarily indoor nesting areas.

Confusing these two ant species is actually a common misconception throughout Canada. Because the carpenter ant is becoming more and more common, and more and more difficult to eradicate, this species is much more a cause for concern. Argentine ants, although they look like carpenter ants, are simply foraging for food and like other ant species, will only invade if a food source is found indoors. Removal of these ants is a much simpler process.