Do bed bug bites transmit any diseases?

Do bed bug bites transmit any diseases?

Bed bugs strangely enough according to research done do not transfer any known diseases. Their bites can however cause raised bumps, itching, and reddening of the skin when the skin is exposed. Bed bugs are resilient creatures are known to survive without food 20 to 400 days according to an article published by the University of California. These factors are heavily dependent on temperature. 

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Bed bugs usually make their rounds and feed on humans usually at night when they are sleeping. The bed bug inserts its long mouth part and pierces the skin and extends fully when they are feeding off the host. The mouth part has two canals, one through which salvia passes through and another one through where the blood passes through to take in the blood of the host. It is interesting to note that the bed bug can become six-time it’s original weight through one feeding session. People are not usually aware that they are bitten much until after because the bed bug inserts an anesthetic during the feeding time. Salvia can cause allergic reactions as earlier mentioned such as large swellings that can be itchy which can become irritated when scratched. This kind of swelling may not even happen, until a day after. Some people may not even display symptoms at all.

To manage bed bugs is to clean and keep your living spaces organized and tidy. Bed bugs can hitchhike a ride on used furniture, luggage, and can even infest clothes. Bed bugs themselves are not capable of traveling long distances and thus must rely on external forces to carry them too far away places. To make sure that bed bug presence is reduced it is good to vacuum beds, furniture, tables, carpets, and floors. Make sure to empty vacuum bags when they are full to prevent the bed from escaping the bags

Bed bugs tend to be present where humans like to rest and sleep. These places can be couches, beds, mattresses, and upholstery. Bed bugs like to rest in the seams of the mattress where they wait till the humans sleep.  

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