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Common myths about carpenter ants

So carpenter ants, like all ants, are a terrible creature to infest your home. They will ruin your food supplies and possibly bring your house falling to the ground if given long enough to chew through it. But what are some common myths about carpenter ants that stop people from getting the right treatment for their problem and relying on old wives tales instead.

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Vinegar, a lot of people think if you clean the house with vinegar the ants will die or leave from the smell, This is not true at all, most ants are not bothered at all even by a puddle of vinegar, the scent simply isn’t strong enough and the acid is not strong enough to harm them. 

Another interesting technique is using boiling water to clean areas the ants have taken up in. This of course is a complete waste of time and will only feed the ants with more water and soften the wood for them. 

Cinnamon. For some crazy reason a lot of people think this spice kills ants. It does not, it is just spice for your coffee and cake. What it will do is make a mess and possibly even feed the ants.

Some people have gone so far as to try the pigeon thing, you know feed a bird rice and their stomach will explode. Things young boys do will forever amaze me. However, feeding ants dry oatmeal in the hops of it exploding inside them is not going to happen. They do not eat nearly enough for that to happen. 

If you want to get rid of those ants you can try a boric acid spray, cedar oil or Diatomaceous Earth which is like silica powder made from algae. These things do in fact work and will kill all insects instantly.