Home remedies and carpenter ants, do they really work

Carpenter Ants in the Attic: How to Deal with Them?

Carpenter ants are popularly known to only infest wood to create their colonies, but this is actually a common misconception. This ant species has also been known to infest insulation within residential walls and attics. Hamilton has a lot of lush vegetation, which makes bridges for carpenter ants to attics in most cases. These ants will also typically explore beyond wood structures inside of a home for potential other areas to create satellite colonies. Attics are prime areas for carpenter attics due to a number of factors: they are easy to access, insulation provides an attractive home for their colonies, attics may contain termites – a popular dining option for carpenter ants. Call us for fast and reliable pest control Hamilton solutions.

One way to check to see if the insulation in your attic is housing a colony of carpenter ants is to check for the appearance of carpenter ant frass around any of the insulation. This material will resemble saw wood and is the leftover insulation that has been shredded by the ants to make the tunnels for their colony. If you notice frass, this can actually be mistaken for termite frass, since both insect species produce the material. Another sight to look for is the appearance of holes throughout the insulation, which are entry and exit points created by the ants to easily enter and escape the insulation at random.

If you suspect that carpenter ants are present in the insulation within your attic, measures should immediately be taken to eradicate them as quickly as possible. This is incredibly difficult due to the fact that the ants have likely burrowed deep within the insulation, which would mean that a full excavation of the insulation would be essential to find every ant to be killed. Pest control professionals are always the best option for carpenter ant eradication. For ants that have infested attics, professionals possess a series of tools that allow them to destroy the ants while simultaneously saving the insulation.

In addition to eradicating the ants from the attic, pest control professionals can also utilize a comprehensive method to provide residual protection to the insulation to prevent future infestations. Complex attic infestations are also highly possible with this ant species. If your attic is composed of both wood and insulation, there could feasibly be multiple colonies with the attic that will need to be treated. A professional team can treat every corner and crevice of the attic and use preventative measures to keep future infestations away.

Carpenter ants love to infest attics due to the relative peace and quiet that comes with the spaces, as well as the abundance of both wood and insulation to make multiple colonies. Getting rid of them in these types of spaces can be incredibly difficult, therefore, a pest control Hamilton company should be hired to undertake what can turn out to be a complex undertaking. If these ants are left to keep multiplying in an attic, the overall destruction can be incredibly severe and expensive.