Can You Vacuum a Mattress to Kill Bed Bugs

Can You Vacuum a Mattress to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have a propensity to infest a wide variety of items throughout a home. The exact infestations will usually depend on the overall size of the infestation at hand. To deal with infestations properly, the best way is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator service in Hamilton. The box spring represents the most popular area for bed bug infestations. This is due to this part of the bed being on the bottom, which is left relatively undisturbed by people on a day-to-day basis. The box spring is also very dark and solitary and provides easy access by which the bugs can crawl up to the top of the mattress to feed at night. The mattress is probably the second most popular area of a bed to see a bed bug infestation. When bed bugs choose to infest a mattress, they typically will infest the underside and the corner edges of the mattress and also the seams of the structure. Over time, the bugs may even find a way to get inside of the mattress and form an even larger infestation.

Many homeowners dealing with bed bug invasions typically find themselves wondering how they can get all of the bugs out of a mattress. It is not an easy nor a guaranteed approach no matter what method you may take. It is always recommended to allow a pest control professional to handle any type of bed bug infestation due to the complexity of this insect species. Many exterminators may choose to try and salvage a mattress and they will try and achieve this by vacuuming all of the bugs out of a mattress. A powerful bed bug vacuum will need a nozzle that can suck the bugs in and trap them inside of a canister. Exterminators will hone the nozzle all along the seams of the mattress where the bugs tend to cluster.

Once all of the bugs and any eggs are all vacuumed up off of the exterior of the mattress, an exterminator will then likely choose to use bed bug encasements to cover the mattress and the box spring for a period of about 16 months. This process will effectively starve the bugs to death since the bugs have been known to be able to last upwards of 16 months without human blood. The encasements will be very durable and not prone to punctures or tears to ensure that the bugs cannot reach sleeping humans and remain trapped with no food. This is the most popular method available to salvage a bed bug infested mattress.

Vacuuming a mattress for bed bugs is certainly possible and the job should be left to a pest control professional to ensure accuracy during the process. Encasements will likely be necessary to ensure that any hiding bugs are also destroyed over time. Never attempt to do this process alone since any wrong doings can likely see the bugs spread throughout the rest of the bedroom. All vacuums must be immediately cleaned out to ensure no bugs are left inside of the canister.