Can I Get Rid of Mice by Turning Off the Heat

Can I Get Rid of Mice by Turning Off the Heat?

Mice are a bit of an endemic problem throughout Canada. Many home and business owners frequently try many solutions for getting rid of these tiny rodents with very little success. To tackle this issue, it is highly advised to have a professional exterminator service in Hamilton deal wtih it. Mice like to make their habitats with humans for a wide variety of reasons, including available food resources, water, and shelter from the cold. Cold weather is an absolutely no go for mice and the rodents will strive their hardest to find their way inside of a warm dwelling during the autumn and winter months. A common misconception about mice that have infested a home is the possibility of keeping the heat off to drive them away, this is a novel idea that unfortunately does not work. Mice will simply burrow deep into structures or bedding to avoid the colder temperatures, and essentially, you will simply have a cold home that is still infested with mice.

Mice hate cold weather, and this is one of the primary reasons they choose to infest residential homes and businesses when autumn weather sets in. Although mice can certainly invade homes and businesses at any time of the year, they typically like to scour for homes during the autumn months to avoid being outside during winter. The notion of keeping your home frigid cold during these months may seem like it could work to drive them away, but even the coldest of inside temperatures will not compare to the coldest of outside temperatures. The mice will stay put and nest inside of walls with nesting materials.

To truly get rid of mice, no matter the time of year, an integrated pest control system by an experienced pest control professional will be necessary. Cold temperatures are not liked by mice, but it should be understood that the mice have primarily decided to infest your home in the first place to escape the winter cold. They will not trade a bit of cold for a lethal cold if forced outdoors. The same situation is also similar regarding keeping mice away by possibly keeping the house cold during the winter. This will only possibly make you uncomfortable and sick and there is a very strong possibility that foraging mice may choose to infest your home anyway.

Pest control professionals canvass a home for mice activity, which can usually be spotted by the appearance of holes in the walls and the appearance of mice feces. Once mice activity has been confirmed, a service team will usually lay a series of traps to draw as many mice out as possible and then repeat a series of processes until all of the mice within the home have been removed. Once the mice have been removed, preventative measures will be enacted to ensure that the mice do not infest the property throughout the rest of the year. You do not have to worry about turning down the heat in an effort to keep mice away or get rid of them.