Can bed bug bites be mistaken for pimples or acne?

Can bed bug bites be mistaken for pimples or acne?

Bed bug bites can be the hardest marks to distinguish. It is because they look so similar to other insects that poke and suck the blood out of us such as mosquitoes. The main issue is that bed bug bites may not even be discovered until much later after it happened. This is because, when bed bugs pierce the skin, they insert a sort of anesthesia under the skin making the whole feeding process go virtually unnoticed. You may find marks, raised bumps, and irritation when you scratch these places. Usually, bed bug bites can be found on uncovered skin. Most of the areas are arms, hands, stomach, and face. They can be mildly irritating to feeling nothing at all. Often bed bug bites, as mentioned before, are often mistaken for mosquito bites and can be very hard to distinguish, or even impossible. The best way to find out whether you have been bitten by a bed bug is to look for traces of its presence. This can include brown to black soiling on between or the sides of the mattress, finding eggs, streaks of brown to black marks, and can even release a musty odor in very bad cases. Both of which are hard to do without proper training or patience. 

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Bed bugs often invade places and nest where humans are present. They are mostly present in places where humans rest, relax, or sleep, and this can include couches or beds. The way they travel is limited to external means such as hitchhiking on luggage, second-hand furniture, or through an article of clothing. That is why it is very important when you unpack or pack, that you do not bring any of these insects along with you. The key is to unpack your luggage at elevated heights which are clear from any clutter such as a sink or a table with a clear surface so that, if possible, you can detect whether you have inadvertently brought these critters along with you. Other signs that can be used to detect bed bugs is to look shed skins as well. 

To actively look for bed bugs means to actively look for places where you like to rest in most cases it is the mattress. Lift the mattress and look for any signs that are mentioned above. Inspect the seams and surfaces as well as those with box springs. To get a complete picture of the situation, you may have to take the bed apart. Remember that bed bugs are minuscule insects that can slip through cracks and crevices the width of a debit card, make sure to inspect all the sites that are dark and hard to reach as they most likely will stay there. 

To get to the bottom of this, it is advised to reach out to professional bed bug control services that are licensed and trained to deal with such infestations. It will safe time and headache and will assure that bed bugs are part of the past.