Bed Bug Problems in Hamilton Ontario

Bed Bug Problems in Hamilton Ontario

There are many household pests that are feared in Canada, yet there is no pest quite as feared as the bed bug. This species of parasitic insect is one of the hardest in the world to eradicate from a dwelling due to a certain set of skilled features that allows the tiny bugs to expertly hide from their hosts–humans. Hamilton, Ontario is one of Canada’s premier port cities, making the transmission of the hitchhiking bed bug a distinctive problem in this city. Patience and commitment are the two essential qualities of battling a bed bug invasion and there are still no easy eradication methods. Call us for fast and reliable pest control Hamilton services.

Bed bugs are a complete interior pest and find their way to human hosts by means of hitchhiking. This is sometimes advertent, such as when the bugs latch onto clothing and shoes in places frequented by humans. It is also sometimes inadvertent, such as when the bugs are brought into a home by way of used furniture and clothing. Once inside of a dwelling, the bugs make their way towards a structure where humans frequently stay still for long periods of time, usually the bed. As a nocturnal insect, the bed bug will crawl out of hiding places within the bed or surrounding furniture to suck human blood while a person is sound asleep.

It can be an incredibly traumatizing experience and any sufferer of a bed bug invasion is likely never to forget the experience for all the days of their life. But once bed bugs have been discovered, the battle has only just begun. Just discovering the bugs usually occurs by accident since they are so skilled at hiding from their host. When they inject their beak into human skin to extract blood, they inject a mild numbing agent to mask any pinching sensation which would wake a person up from sleep. Hiding is their number one defence mechanism, and they do it very well.

Attempting to fight bed bugs in a city as attractive to these insects such as Hamilton, Ontario is an exercise in failure. Since people and goods are frequently entering and exiting the city, the bugs are being transported around more and more. They can be picked up from virtually anywhere and simply having a friend over to visit can deposit the parasites into your home that easily. There is no real way to completely get rid of them outside of hiring a skilled pest control professional. The bugs multiply rapidly and hide deep within furniture and walls to avoid detection. Pest control professionals have complex methods for ridding your home of the pests and there is simply no way of fighting this pest without the experience of a professional exterminator.

Hamilton, Ontario is currently undergoing a bed bug invasion due to the transmission of people and goods that can harbor them from place to place. If you notice bed bugs in your home, it is crucial to hire a professional bed bug exterminator Hamilton immediately.