Are black wasps with blue wings dangerous_

Are black wasps with blue wings dangerous?

Black wasps are especially large insects have have strange blue irredescent wings that glimmer in the sun. They are quite beautiful and almost majestic. Some call it the Great Black Wasp. This wasp, at least the females. Do not have nests. They live on their own and raise their children without assistance. They can be found all over the U.S.A. and Canada as well as in Mexico. While the female black wasp has a stinger they rarely use it against humans, its far more common for them to use it against insects they plan to feed to their children. Though they will sting a human, the sting is extremely painful but not life threatening unless you happen to be allergic. The black wasp is usually about 1 to 1 and a half inches in length and has spiny legs. 

black wasps with blue wings dangerous

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These wasps are actually very beneficial to the environment because they kill a large number of invasive species like grasshoppers that eat peoples crops and gardens so most people who grow a garden would be happy to see a black wasp, because it will kill many of the insects that would otherwise destroy your garden while also leaving the garden completely alone. 

They will travel around in a small area of dirt, digging up holes to find grubs. They will sting the grub and then lay and egg beside it. They will then repeat this process over and over again until they have emptied their egg sack. The children will then hatch and eat the paralysed grub, using the material they will be able to grow to their next stage of development and access food themselves. 

Now killing a Great Black Wasp is no joke, they are like cockroaches and killing them can be very difficult. A basic fly swatter is not going to be effective and even a phone book may not be enough. A shoe is very effective if you have one of these wasps flying angrily around your house. Make sure to really crush it and take the body outside because they may be stunned and then wake up and attack you. If you think you have wasp nests then you should make sure to wear protective clothing and then go the area where the wasp is laying eggs and spray or pour insecticide or insecticide powder respectively. This will make quick work of them if you do it at night when they are asleep. Just be prepared to run.