Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small flat insects that are able to hide in and around beds with ease. Bed bugs are parasitic creatures feeding on warm blooded hosts. They will migrate to out of sight areas such as mattresses and box spring. They can be relatively difficult to discover. They multiply fairly quickly and in only 3 months a small bed bug problem can turn in a large bed bug infestation. Unfortunately that is when the bed bug signs become more apparent. The absence of signs does not mean that there is no infestation. Bed bugs are resilient creatures. They can endure large periods of time without feeding. Adult bed bugs can endure up to a whole year without having a food supply.

Bed Bug Signs

Aside from bites, there are other signs that can suggest you are dealing with such a problem.  Bed bugs leave certain marks that signify that they have taken up permanent residency in bed or hotel room. Small blood stains or dark brown stains on mattresses, sheets, pillows and clothes are probably the most visible telltale signs. The staining is from blood and excrement left by crushed bed bugs. Excrement, shedded skins and eggshells may also be uncovered in their favorite hiding places, specifically the many crevices found in all mattresses. In acute cases, bed bugs make a bad, pleasant, musty smell created by their scent glands.

Bed bugs feed entirely on blood and are nocturnal. Their bites feel and even look just like a mosquito bite. Often they’re painless and result in small, red, itchy lumps along the body. Many people are unaware they’ve been bitten and do not find any bites for as long as nine days.

If you suspect that you are dealing with bed bugs call us to arrange a bed bug inspection.

Bed Bug Facts

The Cimex lectularius or the Common Bed Bug is a member of the Cimicid family and primarily feeds on blood. This species prefers human blood and is often found in locations where people relax or sleep.

Although Bed Bugs are not known to transfer any pathogens as disease vectors, their bites can sometimes result in skin rashes and other allergic symptoms. The psychological effects associated with the presence of these parasites however, is one of the most disturbing factors.

Adult Bed Bugs measure between 4 to 5 millimeters in length and 1.5 to 3 millimeters in width. Bed Bugs are extremely resilient and are known to survive even in extreme conditions. Their regular feeding habits follows a feeding pattern that occurs every 5 to 10 days, although they are notorious for surviving up to six months and even a year without any food.

Why are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood and the Common Bed Bug prefers the blood of humans. These insects feed on our blood every 5-10 days and since they are extremely resilient, can even go without their favorite food for up to a year.

Therefore, starving a Bed Bug is an idea that seldom helps in eliminating them. This resilience that Bed Bugs show, as well as their voracious reproduction patterns make them one of the most troublesome pests to have in your home.

Bed Bugs, although they come in direct contact with the bloodstream of their hosts, are not known to pass on any pathogens. Therefore, there is no evidence to suggest that Bed Bugs spread diseases. However, their bites can trigger rashes or other allergic symptoms.

The worst aspect of a Bed Bug infestation is the psychological trauma it causes to the inhabitants of the affected home. Living in the presence of an insect that feeds on your blood is never an easy fact to digest, and this thought often leads to sleepless nights. The paranoia associated with the presence of these creatures makes inhabitants feel like victims inside their own home.

Bed Bug Extermination

The extermination process of Bed Bugs is long-drawn and highly detailed, but completely necessary. You first need to isolate the affected area from the rest of the house, and make sure that all the affected bedding is treated in a thorough hot water wash and separated from the rest of the clothes.

Any items stored under the bed or in affected locations should be isolated too. The extermination process will involve the treatment of these items too, as Bed Bugs are great at hiding in places even away from the usual locations such as mattresses, duvets, bedsheets and pillow covers.

The most important part of a Bed Bug extermination procedure is the elimination of the nymphs and eggs. Adult Bed Bugs are easy to locate and annihilate. Nymphs and eggs however, often stay hidden in crevices that may miss the untrained eye. Eliminating them is essential to avoid repeat infestations and our technicians at Exterminator Hamilton pay due attention to this step.

In case of a serious infestation, follow up treatment may be required. This is because the use of pesticides always needs to be controlled, keeping in mind the health of inhabitants. Usually, pest control experts ask inhabitants to steer clear of a treated property for at least a few hours to avoid any chances of health complications.

Why Hire a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator?

Bed Bugs are nasty insects and since they multiply at a quick rate, even a few bugs on your property can turn into a full-fledged infestation within no time. Since Bed Bugs are small in size and nocturnal by nature, they are capable of staying hidden from your eyes even when they are present in considerable numbers. Moreover, since their bites look similar to those of mosquitoes, people often assume that they have a mosquito problem on their hands.

A professional Bed Bug extermination team can determine the presence of Bed Bugs through a thorough inspection routine, which involves checking the usual places like beds, mattresses, couches or any other area where you have experienced bites. These technicians not only treat the areas, but also make sure that the other items in close proximity to the affected areas are searched for hidden Bed Bugs.

Since the elimination of the nymphs and eggs is as important as the adult Bed Bugs in order to avoid a repeat infestation, professional Bed Bug exterminators pay due attention to this factor too.

Moreover, these agencies have the necessary expertise as well as the required license to use the right pesticides, details a homeowner may often overlook. Using the wrong pesticides could not only leave the Bed Bugs unharmed, but could even result in a potential health threat for the inhabitants.

Therefore, when it comes to Bed Bugs, hiring the services of a professional exterminator like Exterminator Hamilton is always a better bet than relying on DIY techniques.

Preparation for Treatment

Remove bed sheets and spreads and put everything through a high heat dryer cycle, then bag and tie. Remove all material from under beds and underside of closets. As it produces good hiding areas for bugs discard any unneeded cardboard and paper. Be prepared to vacate the premises for a few hours after treatment.

Exterminator Hamilton

Our experience has taught us just how nasty a Bed Bug infestation can be and we leave no stone unturned to make sure that we not only rid your home of the current infestation but also treat it in order to avoid another one. Our trained and insured technicians eliminate the adult Bed Bugs as well as the nymphs and eggs, thereby eradicating every trace of these parasites from your home.

Our services are discreet, reliable and affordable and we serve residential as well as commercial properties in an around the Hamilton area.

So, if you are up against a Bed Bug infestation, call us on 647-560-0354 today for a prompt inspection appointment.